Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cutting through the BS

Jonah Goldberg:

Cut through all of the issues and it boils down to this: The SEALs had to kill Bin Laden to prevent him from falling into the hands of Eric Holder.
Try to imagine Osama Bin Laden in the pokey and Eric Holder holding the keys.  Earlier today I wrote this comment over at Don Surber's:

I wonder how many of those sixteen hours it took Obama to make his *choke* “gutsy call" *choke* were spent worrying about what would happen if the SEALs brought Bin Laden in alive? After all of Obama’s preachy speeches about waterboarding I’m betting that Barry figured that it was easier to deal with the fallout from putting a bullet in an unarmed man’s head than put up with the consequences of bringing him in alive.
Obama made the right call, but gutsy?  Not hardly.

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