Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pinnochio is writing headlines at The American Prospect again

From The American Prospect comes today’s misleading headline of the day:

Republican Electoral Strategy: Don't Let the Democrats Vote

Seems that our brethren on the Progressive side of the planet, the very people who gave us ACORN and the New Black Panthers, are concerned by two bills passed in the Texas legislature yesterday (emphasis added):

The Texas Legislature passed two bills yesterday that on the surface look like good governance measures but are actually efforts to discourage the Democratic base from voting. The state Senate approved a bill requiring voters to present a photo ID before receiving their ballots on Election Day. Support for the measure fell strictly along party lines, with all 19 Republicans voting in favor while the 12 Democratic senators in the chamber opposed the bill. The law would give voters a host of acceptable forms including driver’s licenses, passports, or a concealed handgun license. Studies show that the Democratic-tilting groups of the poor, elderly, and minorities tend to have the lowest percentage of official photo identification.

The other measure is less overt but should have an equally powerful impact in blocking voters' participation. The state House approved an amendment that only allows Texas voters to register new voters in the state. Previously, anyone could collect voter-registration forms, but the new bill will restrict that activity to only people from the state of Texas. Someone registered to vote in a different state would no longer be able to work as a volunteer registrar, damaging Democrats far more than Republicans as the left is more reliant on the resources of national organizations to parachute organizers in from out of state.

What’s next? Are Progressives going to claim that those mean old Texas Republicans are trying to disenfranchise dead voters? Given Democrat’s penchant for voter fraud I don’t think requiring proper identification at the polls and placing some commonsense restrictions on voter registrations is too much to ask.


Anonymous said...

Hey! You are back, you had us worried there for a bit.

Carol said...

Howdy, timothy! I am trying to work my way back in. My father's health had deteriorated to the point that I had moved in with Mom and Dad so I could help them in the evenings and over night. Between my job, my parents and trying to manage my own home I got a little overwhelmed. Dad is doing better so I am hoping that I can get this thing going again. I sure have missed everybody!

lin said...

Nationwide reports of taxpayer subsidized ACORN members blatantly engaging in election fraud are merely propaganda from the vast right-wing conspiracy;-)