Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Breaking News! Go Florida GOP!

Via Memeorandum:

From TPM: Florida GOP: Keep Obama Out of Our Schools!

I just spoke with Florida Republican Party press secretary Katie Gordon, regarding state party chairman Jim Greer's denunciation of President Obama's upcoming national address to schoolchildren on Tuesday. Gordon stood by the party's press release -- and said that children should not be subjected to what she said is a clear attempt at political indoctrination by the Obama administration. Indeed, she said parents should be able to opt-out their kids from the speech.

...In follow-up e-mails, I asked Gordon how she would reply to people who see this as a tin-foil hat, conspiracy theorist sort of thing. "I would ask them what their response would have been if these same materials had come from the Bush Administration," Gordon said. "The people saying this is a scare tactic are the same people who accuse the voters at health care town halls of being rabid right-wing extremists. This is an abuse of power and an attempt by the Obama Administration to indoctrinate young Americans into supporting his socialist agenda. Parents should be extremely concerned."

I also asked Gordon about an Internet campaign that has risen up, encouraging students to skip school on Tuesday. Does she support students skipping school, or walking out of the address or the activities? Gordon replied: "That decision is up to the parents, not the RPOF."

My grandkids, unfortunately, aren't in Florida but if they were I would absolutely encourage my daughter to keep them home on September 8th. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, the indoctrination of children should be absolutely off limits.

Send a message. Tell the Left, "stay away from our children." Keep them home.


Anonymous said...

You should leave your kids in school so they don't grow up as stupid as you are.

Carol said...

Coming out in favor of indoctrination "Anonymous"? Love your well-informed reasoning.