Thursday, September 3, 2009

Common Cents: Like Sunlight to a Vampire

You know, there is nothing a smarty pants hates more than common sense. As you’ll see in the video below found at Michelle Malkin, a typical conversation between SP (smarty pants) and PACS (person applying common sense) goes roughly like this:

SP : The deeper in debt we are, the wealthier we are.
PACS : But if we are deeper in debt won’t a greater portion of our budget go to paying interest?
SP : No.
PACS : No? But..
SP : Do you have a PhD in Economics?
PACS : No.
SP : Then STFU or I’ll throw you out a window.

Obviously I paraphrased, but you get the gist. SP, in this case a very potty mouthed Rep. Pete Stark objects to being asked common sense questions by Jan Helfeld. Stark believes that his illogical premise should be accepted at face value because he says so. Rather, than answering the question, Stark attacks the questioner. This is a favorite tactic of the Left.

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