Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rifka Bary

The story of Rifka Bary has been chronicled and told in great detail at Atlas Shrugs. Pamela gives the sad details of Rifka's life of repeated beatings from her father and brother. Pamela tells us of the radical mosque that the father insisted on attending even though there were several other mosques closer to their home.

We have heard this story, in one form or another, too many times. Rifka has converted to Christianity and we know that the price for apostasy under Islamic law is death. We know that by disobeying her father, Rifka has shamed her family and that according to the Bary's belief system the only way to restore their honor is to take their daughter's life.

We know how this story has ended for countless women and girls throughout the world. We know that "honor killings" have come to our country. Knowing all this, how can any of us turn our backs?

There will be another hearing tomorrow. Contact Gov. Charlie Crist and the Florida Department of Children and Family and ask them to let Rifka stay in Floria where she is safe.

Governor Charlie Crist's office: Phone: (850) 488-4441, (850) 488-7146Fax: (850) 487-0801

Florida Department of Children and Family:George H. Sheldon, Secretary1317 Winewood Blvd.Building 1, Room 202Tallahassee, FloridaPhone: (850) 487-1111 Fax: (850) 922-2993


Anonymous said...

For all of your sententeces that begin with 'we know...' you don't really know much.
Fact: Rifka declared her cristianity at age 14
Fact: she was allowed to participate in many extracurricular activities including cheerleading with their skimpy, immodest garb.
Fact: there has never been an incident of honor killing in her parents country of origin
Fact: Islam dictates that there is NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION
Please stop the misinformation and get your facts straight.
Please stop assuming that all of the readres out there are like you and your friends: IGNORANT.

derrick said...

Anymous for your information there is case of a man murdering his wife for trying to divorce him. This man is a Muslim and he murdered his wife honor killing. So people are not ignorant. S o you need to check your facts.

Bobby said...

The sad thing is we see too many "honour killings". This was reported on Fox News, and I couldn't believe the outrage when I cited a Fox News report on textbook fraud in questioning textbook authority in our state. I was blasted for quoting Fox.

I watched specials at church a few years ago about Islam, and honour killings are one way they "keep the faith". (This was when I was without a church, and had to be nomadic every week in traveling to various churches each week.)

Extreme Islam is well-known for its ideals. In recent years, 12 honour killings were charged in Canada, and there are cases in Texas. Fox News last year had a one-hour special on the issue. Most of them are done "in the name of Allah".

Anonymous said...

sorry.honour killing is a culture.not islam.its a different story that in some muslim countries its practised.but it does not mean its part of islam.
iflal uae