Monday, January 10, 2011

The day Jeb Bush lost me

I have been a Jeb Bush supporter since 1994 when he ran unsuccessfully for governor of Florida. I voted for him in that election and in his successful campaigns in 1998 and 2002. Whenever someone says “NO MORE BUSHES!” my first reaction has always been “forget the last name-what in Jeb’s record do you have an issue with?” I guess it is my turn to have an issue.

Jeb has an op-ed in the Miami Herald titled Conservative movement must commit to a long-term outreach strategy in which he used the term “center-right” fourteen times.  I take his use of the term to mean those Republicans who are not crazy assed conservatives like myself.  Talk about a let down.

I've always known that Jeb and I differ on our approach to immigration.  For me it comes down to "what part of illegal don't you get" while Jeb is all about the amnesty.  Okay.  I have always assumed, believed, that Jeb could put his personal beliefs aside in the face of overwhelming evidence that that the majority of Americans oppose amnesty for those who have broken our laws.  After reading Jeb's piece in the Herald I have lost faith that Jeb would honor "the will of the people."

My son-in-law is Hispanic.  He is a bronze star recipient and a kick ass Marine.  I am grateful that my daughter has a man of his caliber in her life and that my grandchildren are being raised by such an incredible, honorable man.  My position on border control isn't based on bigotry.  It is based on the belief that our national security depends on controlling who enters our country.  I also believe that during tough economic times available jobs should be filled by our citizens.  That being said I welcome those come to our country legally regardless of their country of origin. 

We all have deeply held beliefs that we cannot compromise on.  If immigration is Jeb's line in the sand, so be it.  I thank him for his service to my state but with great saddness I can no longer support him.

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Fuzzy Slippers said...

I could have written this post (well, without the personal references, heh). Alas, I, too, am done with Jeb Bush. Hope he runs for a seat on his local town council or something, but definitely not anything in DC.