Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pish Posh

Just earlier I posted in the comments at Potluck that I would like to see a Paul Ryan/Marco Rubio ticket for 2012 and now, via Instapundit, comes this:

PROFESSOR BAINBRIDGE: The Problem With A Paul Ryan / Marco Rubio Ticket. “They’re practically still kids, at least in my aging eyes. And having them running the country would make me feel very, very old.”

Aw, come on now.  First the good professor quotes the always wise and well thought out William Jacobson:

Bill Kristol has floated the idea of a Paul Ryan - Marco Rubio ticket in 2012:

Having just returned from the e21 and Manhattan Institute-sponsored Conversation with Paul Ryan (very ably conducted by Paul Gigot)--and having seen Marco Rubio speak recently as well, I'll just say this: Wouldn't it be easier just to agree now on a Ryan-Rubio ticket, and save everyone an awful lot of time, effort, and money over the next year and a half?

Having seen Ryan in action the past few days, there is no doubt he would eat Obama alive in a debate, and Rubio would filet Joey Biden.
and then Bainbridge concludes that the whippersnappers are just too darn young.

Can you imagine, as Jacobson mentions, a Ryan vs Obama or Rubio vs Biden debate?  The very thought puts a giddyup in my gate and a smile in my heart.  Ryan and Rubio are intelligent, purpose driven, knowledgeable, charming, and dare I say it, sexy.  Yes, they are young.  What of it?  With that much talent age shouldn't be a consideration.

At the risk of showing my age, let me just say "Yowser!"

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Fuzzy Slippers said...

Hee, you're funny. I agree that age shouldn't be an issue (as long as they're at least 35 as required by the Constitution). And yes, they would both be fantastic to watch in a debate against BO and/or Biden (good grief, everyone beats Biden in a debate, and BO's vague hopeychangey crap won't fly in 2012 nor will his grand promises and sweeping lies--we know exactly what he thinks of his own promises and how he "governs").

Much as I like Rubio, I really still have problems with the way he used those funds. It just doesn't seem right to me for some reason, even though he did pay them back. I also think that we need to find out exactly what the definition of "a natural born citizen" is (there are so many conflicting opinions on this, even in the legal precedent). Of course, it might be worth running him just to see how BO goes about mentioning that. heh. (okay, just kidding, but how funny anyway)

I love love LOVE Paul Ryan, but his path to WH should include a term or two as governor. Waaaay back in 2006 when BO first came on the scene, this was my main complaint about him, too, no executive experience is historically bad in a president. And BO just proves that point again. On the plus side, however, Ryan does have executive experience in the private sector, so I'm not opposed to him at all. He'll definitely appeal to indies and Tea Party patriots, the traditional GOP right will vote for him over BO any day of any week, and no Republican will get the support of the freak fringe sprogs. All in all, he's in my top five. For sure.