Monday, March 21, 2011

Come someone please provide me with a list of things that aren’t racist?

Let's see if I've got this right:

· Complaining about Obama's failure to lead = racist
· Complaining about the administration’s “tax the rich” blather = racist
· Complaining about Obama’s “shop til you drop” spending policies = racist
· Complementing the Japanese on their resolve in the face of devastating earth quake and resulting tsunami = racist

Whoa, wait a minute. What?

Count me among those who are incredibly impressed by the actions of Japanese people. While we’re at it, count me among those who have asked themselves if they would act as admirably in a similar situation. Presumably you can also count me among the people that the venerable James Wolcott considers “racist”.

In Mr. Wolcott’s very small and tightly woven world the act of complementing one race is sure sign that speaker actually means to denigrate another. Well, not just any other race-The Race. Everybody got that?

Little Miss Attila is the current subject of dear Wolcott’s ire for posting “Japanese Urged To Try Rioting” along with this picture and a link to a bit of satire:

Wolcott might ask himself why the picture and accompanying link bother him so and why he so freely associates any mention of looting, or a lack therefore, with African Americans. There is definitely a waft of racism in the air but it doesn’t seem to be emanating from the Right.

Kudos to Darleen Click for hitting the nail on the head:

Of course, JaWo and his ilk can’t be challenged as “racist” even as they inexorably link values and principles with melanin level. Shorter JaWo, with pinkie extended and tonal refinement: “We can’t blame the darkies, they can’t help themselves. We must make allowances.”

Yep, those Democrat low-expectations have done wonders for family and community structure for African-Americans. No racism there. Nothing to see. Pack your backpack of white privilege and move on.
In the meantime, our Mr. Wolcott has fired another volley.  Pity really.  A real man knows when he's bested.  In any case, my money is on LMA in the third round.  Why the third round, you ask?  Because I expect her to toy with him a bit first.

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