Monday, March 28, 2011

Would you like a matching thong to go with your push-up bikini, little girl? Updated

I first heard about Abercrombie and Fitch marketing “push-up” bikinis to girls as young as seven years old at Don Surber’s Daily Scoreboard and then I came across the story at Hot Air:

Is it possible to be both disgusted and jaded at the same time? As a grandparent, the latest line of swimwear from the purveyors at Abercrombie & Fitch disgusts me, but hardly surprises any more. ABC reports that A&F has a new line of bikinis for preadolescents that feature padded, “push-up” bikini tops for girls as young as eight years old — the same age as one of my granddaughters….
Actually it is seven, not eight years old. The age of my granddaughter. Here’s the thing-who thinks of this stuff? What normal person comes up with the idea of accentuating a seven year old’s breasts? And once the idea is conceived who are the perverts that approve bringing the product to market? And then once the product makes it to market, what parent would buy a bathing suit that sexualizes their little girl? The bottom line is that the product would not exist if the market didn’t exist. The market wouldn’t exist if adults would just be content with screwing up the lives of other adults and just leave kids alone.

Once upon a time parents were told that they would just need to accept that once their children left for college that said kids would be doing “things” (code for S.E.X.) that Mom and Dad would not approve of. True enough. But college became high school and then middle school. Do we wait until the sexualization of children hits pre-K or do we, as adults, grow a backbone and finally say, “No, this is not acceptable.”

Children need adult guidance. Responsible adults understand that children’s development should be paced and that while some children may reach physical maturity prior to others, children’s physical and emotional maturity rarely coincide. Why would any parent want a child to think of themselves in sexual terms before maturity on any level has occurred?

From the comments at Surber’s:

Luke 17:2″ It were well for
him if a millstone were
hanged about his neck, and
he were thrown into the sea,
rather than that he should
cause one of these little ones
to stumble.” Jesus Christ


Pundette has some excellent thoughts on the subject and one very creepy revelation:

Bonus item from the UK: Isn't it about time we started quizzing 11 year-olds about their sexual preferences?

Children as young as 11 could soon be asked about their sexuality without their parents’ consent, it has emerged.

Teachers, nurses and youth workers are being urged to set up pilot studies aimed at monitoring adolescent sexual orientation for the first time.

A report commissioned by the Government’s equalities watchdog found that it was ‘practically and ethically’ possible to interview young children about their sexuality.

Controversially, it says parental consent, while ‘considered good practice’, is not a legal necessity.
When did Kevin Jennings become the "safe schools" czar in the UK?


DeanO said...

Kiddie porn "Yes" Sadly and disgustingly this is the sordid direction, downhill, America is quickly headed. I believe the JonBenet Ramsey murder opened the eyes to America to this unreal world of...I don't know what to call it. Little children dressing as sultry adult women. Great post, and you have every right to be upset, disgusted and dismayed!

Bungalow Bill said...

Sex helps the public school system produce lemmings and not critical thinkers. Is it any wonder they market sex to kids?

Carol said...

Bungalow Bob, you are so right. I think schools promote sex as a way to build a wall between children and their parents. This isn't the first time in history that schools have been used to shift loyalty from the family to the state. This time it is happening in OUR schools.

DeanO, I hate seeing children being exploited but I hate it even more when I see parents allowing, encouraging, the exploitation of children.

DeanO said...

Carol - Pundette and Pundette had it correct and had the words I was looking for "Sexualization of our youth" Satan knows how to destroy! - Truly, it's just a sick idea. Let children be children, we all know how quickly time passes before adult hood.