Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our friends on the Left are miffed

We've joined in the air strikes of Libya and the usual subjects on the Left are taking it none too kindly.  Don Surber has a roundup of reactions from Andrew Sullivan, Robert Dreyfuss, Louis Farrakhan and Michael Moore.  Honest righteous indignation from the Left or just their typical "I'm so important that everyone is waiting to hear my opinion" claptrap?

I've heard rumors that Michael Moore is so distraught over the bombings that he couldn't even eat is normal ten meals before breakfast.  Sullivan has had a bad case of the joneses since first he laid eyes on Barry and on the odd occasion that he does see fit to criticize his pet he typically lays the ultimate blame elsewhere.  Now he's calling for a congressional vote-in all likelihood believing that a vote will give his beloved cover.  Dreyfuss is blaming the women in Obama's life.  Hey, we're all Delilha's at heart.  Only Farrakhan managed to sound genuinely pissed-"Who the Hell do you think you are?"  I think Obama had an epiphany somewhere between the third and forth hole, turned to his caddy and said, "I think I may be president of the United States."  Just a guess.

For all the rumbling, what is the Left going to do?  Refuse to support his re-election campaign?  Actually vote against him?  Nope.  This is just lipservice and this too, shall pass.

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