Sunday, May 30, 2010

Get the Hell Off of OUR Land

That was the message being driven home at the pro-illegal immigration/anti SB 1070 march held in Phoenix complete with Nazi and KKK imagery mixed with the usual "this land is their land" claptrap.  From American Power:

So, we, and judging from the above sign, the Canadians, are a bunch of imperialistic encroachers who have squatted on Mexican lands for long enough.  They want the continent, the whole continent back because, well, they've done such a bang up job with their current little piece of it. 

Donald did a great job covering the march.  Read his post.

UpdateSmitty writesBorder security, like energy security, is a hard problem. The country is going to have to insist on candidates with platforms, not platitudes, to address these issues.

I couldn't agree more Smitty, but sadly, the "tell it like it is" politicians are outnumbered by the platitude spewers.  We need to close our borders while we still have borders to close. 


smitty1e said...

You zeroed in on the same pic I did.
Linked you.

DeanO said...

Amazing is it not? "We have the right" no you don't - you absolutely do not have the right to cross our borders illegally. I'm native American, some Irish American and so forth but that doesn't give us a right to migrate illegally to other countries. It's just foolish and propaganda.

Carol said...


From what I've been told (I'm adopted) my biological mother was Irish and my biological father was Israeli. My ex is Native American and French on his father's side and Native American and Scottish on his mother's side. By the time you get down to my kids you already have quite a mixture. My grandchildren have a wonderful father who has raised them for the last five years who is Puerto Rican on his mother's side and Chinese on his father's side. To say the least, our heritage is diverse and, um, interesting to say the least.

Despite the fact that we are a family of imigrants I strongly believe that host countries not only have the right but the obligation to control their borders. It is a matter of security and fairness to their existing citizens.

Dave C said...

Why not take issue up with the Spaniards?

They were conquered and their culture decimated by them more so than anything Americans have done.

But lets not draw any actual history into this.