Monday, February 7, 2011

Some people get it

I drove three plus hours to watch Gov. Rick Scott present his budget for Florida.  I got lost.   Its what I do.  Just when I decided that I should just turn around, there was my sign:

Followed that car all the way.  Considering I was an hour out I guess I'm lucky that I assumed correctly.

In any case, it was worth the drive.  Gov. Scott, when explaining the budget, used an analogy that we can all understand:  the attic. 

Up in the attic we find  things that are precious to us.  We also find "stuff".  Stuff that makes us scratch our head and wonder why we are are hanging on to it.  Some things we want to keep but they serve no useful purpose, and frankly, we can't afford to "hang on".  The trick is to prioritize and hold on to those things we truly need and jettison those things that we just can't afford.

Gov. Scott is taking a lot of heat for asking state employees to put five percent of their pay in to their retirement.  I have a ten buck an hour teller who puts seven percent of his income into his 401k.  He does it because he knows how to prioritize.  State employees can do do the same thing.

We need to prioritize.  If not now, when?

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