Saturday, October 15, 2011

Is Angela Davis Symbolic of Occupy Wall Street?

Shepard Fairey has created an "invitation" for the Occupy Wall Street gang:

Seeing the poster, I was immediately reminded of someone. See what you think:

Was Fairey thinking of Angela Davis when he created the invitation? Davis, the Communist party member and candidate, former member of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list (for killing a judge, no less), hero of Cuba, and former Black Panther would be a perfect poster child for OWS. Ms. Davis has spent a lifetime disparaging, and calling for the destruction, of the country that gave her the opportunity to go from the little black girl living in "Dynamite Hill" to a Distinguished Professor in the Women's and Gender Studies Department at Syracuse University. The participants of OWS are members of the "Gimme Generation". They are throwbacks to the spoiled, privileged children of the Sixties.

I don't know if Fairey was thinking of Davis or not, but I certainly agree that Davis in symbolic of the selfishness embodied by the Occupy Wall Street protesters.


RebeccaH said...

Even more, Angela Davis is a symbol for all those college grads who majored in Women's and Gender Studies, owe thousands of dollars in student loans, and can't get a job. Yep, perfect for OWS.

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