Saturday, September 5, 2009

Live Healthy, Drink (More) Beer

I like the cut of Jules Crittenden's jib:

Drink more beer. OK, that’s not exactly what it says. But here’s the latest astonishing healthy lifestyle study results, via MSNBC, with a nod to

NEW YORK - People who drink regularly seem to exercise more often than
teetotalers, and those who average more than a drink or two a day may be the
most active, a new study suggests.

Using data from a government health survey of U.S. adults, researchers
found that in general, the amount of time people devoted to exercise tended to
inch up along with the number of alcoholic drinks they had each month.

I've been conducting my own research re: beer drinking and its relationship to a happy, healthy life for three decades (or more) and can attest to the benefits thereof. Admittedly, I have no professional credentials in any field related to this particular study but I have faithfully plodded along tirelessly, nonetheless.

Issues worth further exploration in this important area of beer studies might include long-term mental health benefits. When Death shows up with the final bar tab, who looks back on life with greater satisfaction? Bloodless, abstinent, unadventurous non-sensation seekers, or frosty-mug-upending, rock-climbing crazy bastards?

I would posit that Crittenden's question answers itself. When the lights flicker and my personal "last call" comes, I am quite certain I'll look back with satisfaction at a life that if not always "well lived" was at least happily lived.

Actually, I don't exercise as much as I should. I'm going to do more research, right now, and ponder why that is.

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