Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday on the Porch

It is a beautiful, sunny day down here in the SwampLand. Perfect for a glass of lemonade (or a Long Island ice tea) on the porch and some web surfing. Enjoy and cheers!

Mark Steyn question’s Jone’s sincerity:

Van Jones Trutherism, like Van Jones Communism and Van Jones Eco-Racism Theory, is a kind of decadence: If you really believed 9/11 was an inside job, you'd be in fear of your life. Instead, for a cutting-edge poseur like Jones, it's a marketing niche, one that gives you a certain cachet with the right kind of people - like, apparently, Barack Obama. (Bill Clinton, to his credit, felt differently.)

The Daley Gator looks at the MSM reaction to the Van Jones controversy with some surprising results. Wait, did I say surprising? I meant ‘typical.’

Pat, And So it Goes in Shreveport, has been reading HuffPo lately.

Then I came across this piece written by Jones for the Huffington Post in 2006. The title is "On Being Black at a Latino March" and Jones writes of his experience in a San Francisco "Day Without Immigrants" March. Jones laments the status of the Black Freedom Movement as he watches the optimism of the Latinos…

Prof. William Jacobson says that Van Jones Sends Thrill Up MSNBC’s Leg.

Just because its obvious doesn’t make it unfunny-Smitty knows funny. This is also the link that has been emailed to all of my friends and family who have school aged children.

Track-A-’Crat makes a very valid point- don’t call 9/11 a “tragedy.”

Thank goodness that Paco is on the case!

Doug Ross has the ObamaCare numbers that you absolutely must read.

Pundette has gave me a bad case of the shudders: Joe Biden: I’m still here and I’m really important.

Donald Douglas has a story of unintended consequences. Labor unions came out whole hog to put The One in office and what have they received in return? Besides massive unemployment among their members, their popularity among the American people is dropping like a rock. Maybe it is time that union leadership take a look at what is in the best for their members instead of blindly backing each and every idiot with a (D) after their name. (That being said, I wonder if I’ll still have a job come Tuesday. Oh, well.)

TrogloPundit; It’s not exactly a death panel, but… Yeah, let’s model our system after those guys.

Jimmie thinks Jones might be less honest than Bugs Bunny:

I’ve seen more plausible denials in Bugs Bunny cartoons. Heck, I’d be more likely to believe “He’s not in the stove!” than anything Van Jones says about his Trutherism, or lack thereof. At least when Bugs Bunny tried to trick to you, he did it with a wink and a smile.

Parting thought: Everyone wants to know who cleared Van Jones. Think about this-Van Jones was cleared by the same people who are now in change of our national security.

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