Sunday, September 6, 2009

When We Start Employing Our Enemies' Means Of Torture, Call Me

Thanks to Attorney Eric Holder, and frankly I doubt he does anything without The Boss giving the go ahead, the subject of torture is going to stay front and center for the foreseeable future. Sadly, too many on the Left care more about our country's "image" in the world than the safety of American citizens.

There is no way to argue with anyone who would rather sacrifice a family member than pour water down the throat of a terrorist. That kind of out there thinking is simply too vile and too anti-human for any decent person to comprehend.

Further, these people whose opinions we are so careful of aren't going to be won over because we stop waterboarding. Frankly, I'll consider considering our "allies" in Europe the day they start defending themselves on their own dime rather than ours. As for those in the Muslim world, well let's look at how they handle the subject:

Can an interrogator rape the prisoner in order to obtain a confession?” was the
follow-up question posed to the Islamic cleric.

Mesbah-Yazdi answered: “The necessary precaution is for the
interrogator to perform a ritual washing first and say prayers while raping the
prisoner. If the prisoner is female, it is permissible to rape through the
vagina or anus. It is better not to have a witness present. If it is a male
prisoner, then it’s acceptable for someone else to watch while the rape is

This reply, and reports of the rape of teen male prisoners in Iranian
jails, may have prompted the following question: “Is the rape of men and young
boys considered sodomy?”

Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi: “No, because it is not consensual. Of course,
if the prisoner is aroused and enjoys the rape, then caution must be taken not
to repeat the rape.”

Now, for those who would feign ignorance, that is torture. As a moral country, we would never engage in rape let alone speak so casually on the proper way to carry out a rape. We care how these people view us? These people stage outrage for the camera and then laugh amongst themselves about what a bunch a squeamish little girls we are.

Give me a break.

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