Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Two Cents on Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson has officially announced that he no longer wishes to be associated with "The Right." Frankly, I've never paid much attention to Charlie but apparently he's been cutting his ties with the Right for almost as long as he's had ties with the Right. Everybody who is anybody is weighing in:

Stacy McCain: Whatever harm CJ has inflicted on me or anyone else, his "success" in turning Little Green Footballs into an unprofitable imitation of Daily Kos is as much vindication as any of his victims can expect.

Legal Insurrection: In fact, this is just another attention getting ploy to get back at people who have criticized Johnson. Go to The Other McCain for some background. Jules Crittendon and JammieWearingFool have good take-downs of Johnson's tactic, and James Joyner refutes Johnson's accusations in great and glorious detail.

The Daley Gator: He likely will not be watching, football as great as the SEC offers is too much for asshats wimps like Johnson. He will likely spend the Saturday telling his cat, likely named Mr. Giggles or some such name, how stupid Southerners are, and how we all chew dirt and think the earth is only 6,ooo years old.

American Power: I was never that big a fan of Charles Johnson, but last year I was amazed at his ability to weed out the most vile comments and posts at Daily Kos, and so I visited there routinely. C.J. hadn't fully transmogrified into the premiere enemy of everything-not-LGF, but the writing was on the wall with the early attacks on Pamela Geller, and the weird denunciation of must about any European criticism of Islam as "fascism."

Riehl World View: No, Chuckles has simply replaced one enemy with another. I suppose, as with some, he requires such a thing to survive. Chuckles isn't having an awakening, he's simply living out whatever the hell it is that passes for a reality of sorts in his cyber-induced dream-dementia of a world. Were he ever to truly awaken, he'd probably leave blogging behind. His mind simply isn't strong enough to maintain a single identity as he goes along and posts.

And so it goes. Here's my two cents on the method behind Charlies madness: links. Consider this from LGF today:

Well, LGF traffic is soaring this morning; nearly 6,000 visitors online as I write this. Links coming in from everywhere...The funny thing is, that post about “Why I Parted Ways with the Right?” I wrote it in about three minutes last night. It’s been brewing in my cortex for years, and something triggered the release; exactly what, I don’t really know. Guess it was time.
It was time because nobody pays any attention to LGF unless he is smack talking. That is his business plan.

The Left will tire of him soon enough and if the Right ignores him he'll fade away.

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