Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Call to Action!

Stacy McCain and URGENT call to actionFlorida Threatened By Disgusting Toxic Brown Slime

Stacy is talking about the latest poll results showing Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio neck to neck in the Florida Senatorial race.  With Crist's involvement in the Jim Greer scandal and serious questions about Crist's role in the bilking of the Republican Party of Florida, Floridians have even more reason to distrust Crist.  Scandal, corruption and elastic principles don't typically recommend a candidate for higher office and Crist is eyeball deep in ooze.

Small quibble with Stacy's description of Crist-I think of him as more dirty orange than brown.  Everything about he screams "fake", including the tan.

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Stand with Marco Rubio!

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