Sunday, June 6, 2010

He Said/She Said, Florida Style

As I wrote yesterday, Crist knew all along that Jim Greer was illegally skimming money from Republican Party of Florida.  Heck, Charlie signed off on the deal.  So what is a beleaguered and ineffective governor to do?  Deny:

Crist says the entire Greer incident is "surprising" and "unfortunate" He says he didn't even know about the shell corporation Greer was using to funnel cash into his own pocket "until after Greer resigned in January." Crist's explanation for not knowing the specifics? He's too busy running the state. He can't be bothered with the little stuff.

When did ignorance become an excuse?

Actually, ever the opportunist, Crist attempts to take credit for Greer's current legal troubles by explaining "I'm the one actually who empanelled the state-wide grand jury that came down with this decision."

Greer's attorney contradicts Crist's ignorance excuse, explaining that Crist signed off on the diversion of GOP funds:

Chase said Greer and Crist discussed the fundraising deal at least three times last year: at the golf tournament in February, over the summer; and in the fall at the Fisher Island home of the governor's wife.
The governor knew about Victory Strategies from the very beginning," Chase said. "They all worked on it together. … They saw it as a way to save money."
"… They saw it as a way to save make money."  Fixed.

Jim Greer is to Charlie Crist what Rahm Emanuel is to Barack Obama.  Charlie Crist and Jim Greer are literally "thick as thieves".  They used each other to advance their mutual goals and now they are paying the price for all those corners they tried to cut while screwing the state as well as the state Republican party.  Charlie is a self-absorbed, ego maniac (remind you of anyone?) who, rather than living in the here and now, is always working on the next goal.  He's not the kind of guy to handle the details so he turned that job over to Greer.  Bad choice.

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