Monday, June 21, 2010

Can This Administration Get Any More Corrupt-UPDATED

Sadly, I'm sure the answer is "yes".

While millions of Americans are out of work this administration is hard at work ensuring that illegal immigrants are being treated fairly in the workplace:

So the Obama administration is aiding and abetting in the breaking of our laws.  Is it just my imagination or did Barack Obama place his hand on the Bible and take an oath to uphold the laws the of the United States of America?  Obama has violated his oath and he has broken our laws.  That makes Obama just as big a criminal as the people who breach our borders.

UPDATE:  The rant continues

It is fairly obvious that Obama believes that our immigration laws are unjust.  I think our drug laws in general, and our marijuana laws in particular, are unjust laws.  I think that far more people have been harmed by the enforcement of our drugs laws than society has benefited.  What I think doesn't matter.  Over the course of our history we have had bad and unjust laws.  We no longer have those laws not because people simply broke the laws that they didn't like but because like any civil society we have a process for changing laws as society's view of those laws has changed.  If Obama is unhappy with our immigration laws then let him undertake the legal processes to change them.  He doesn't want to do that because at this time the political winds are blowing in the opposite direction.  So he just ignores them.

Instead of upholding our laws, as he took an oath to do, Obama is sending the message to illegals that he wants their vote so he is willing to ignore the laws on the books.  He will look the other way while they stream across the borders, and in turn, they will support his re-election and the election of Democrats across the board.  Illegals get jobs and driver's licenses and bank accounts-does anyone believe that they don't get voter registration cards?  Or that they don't use them?  Or that they don't use them to elect the party that made it all possible?

With citizenship comes responsibility.  Does it also come with privileges?  Shouldn't citizens be first in line for any jobs available in this country?  Shouldn't citizens expect that the country's leadership play by the same rules and abide by the same laws  as the citizenry?  How can we ask our servicemen and women to risk their lives for us when their Commander in Chief is in violation of his oath of office?  What right does a person who refuses to enforce our laws have to command our troops? 

I know it is a terrible thing to say, and I don't like saying it, but Barack Obama is not fit for command.


Quite Rightly said...

Abraham Lincoln's bible.

They allowed him to touch it.



Fuzzy Slippers said...

This is even worse than refusing to uphold the law of the land by securing our borders unless he gets a deal on amnesty. This is a flagrant statement that the government will collude with criminals. Unreal. I say impeach this jerk before he does even more damage.

And lol, QR, we're not sure he ever actually took the oath of office since that second time was not recorded--only a still with his hand on the Bible (though of course we are not a Christian nation . . . and he's a freaking Muslim).