Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Blew the Live Blogging

The comments were coming so fast and furious over at Potluck that my poor little netbook went catatonic on me.  I'm going to let things slow down over there and then go back and try again.

The long and short of the big speech is that BP ran amok so we need another layer of bureaucracy to regulate, regulate, regulate.  Same old shtick, different day.  Obama's moratorium is going to make the situation in the gulf region worse and yes, we should develop alternative energy but we haven't yet so it makes absolutely no sense to throw the baby out with the bath water.  And while Obama admits that Cap and Trade is going to be expensive he says "we can't afford" to not act.  What a crock.  I know, let's pass Cap & Tax so we can all find out what is in the bill and how it will drive our entire economy in to the dumpster. 

I didn't hear anything new or impressive tonight.  Obama wants to take advantage of a crisis and expand government even further.  It is par for his course. 

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