Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Scary Situation Way Too Close to Home

A man and a woman have been arrested trying to enter MacDill AFB illegally.  The latest report from TBO.com says that they tried to enter the Bayshore gate using fake IDs.  Inside the vehicle they were driving were three "military style" rifles, hand guns, ammunition and military uniforms and gear.  The man is said to be an AWOL soldier, though apparently not from MacDill.  No information has been released on the woman except that she, like the man, is a US citizen.  Other than that, no names, no descriptions, nothing.  Understandably, it makes those of us who live in the area nervous.

MacDill is the home of Central Command and Special Operations Command.  As such, we locals have seen this area as a likely target since 9/11.  The base is insisting that this incidence is not terrorism related but obviously people don't try to enter a base with fake IDs and a cache of high powered weapons unless they intend to do harm. 

More information would be greatly appreciated.

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