Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stand With Israel

Marco Rubio makes the case that we should stand with our friend and ally Israel.  His statement reads in part:

For the entirety of its existence, Israel has been targeted for annihilation by its enemies and we must never do anything to undermine its right to protect its people. As enemies such as Iran develop nuclear weapons that pose an existential threat to Israel, America has a responsibility to continue serving as its strongest and most steadfast ally.

Israel is a valued American ally and our closest and most reliable friend in the Middle East. Israel is neither the problem nor the obstacle to peace, and it should not be treated as one. By strengthening the U.S.-Israel alliance, we also strengthen the moderate, pro-U.S. elements in the Arab world. If the U.S. shows itself to be an unreliable ally to Israel, moderate Arab states will take note that they cannot trust the U.S. to be a reliable friend for them either. This is unacceptable for the future of U.S. security, Israel’s existence and the prospects for a lasting peace in the Middle East.
Since January 20th of 2009 we have been awful quick to throw our traditional friends under the bus while we've been darn slow to back what could have been valuable new friends-think the demonstrators in Iran and our deplorable actions (inaction?) in Honduras.  The message we've sent has been loud and clear:  you can't count on us.  We appear weak and fickle to both friend and enemy alike.  Let's not blow it with Israel.  The consequences are simply to grave.

Marco's statement in its entirety.

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