Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Coincidence?

At Protein Wisdom Darlene Click reports several disturbing coincidences:

And the timing is suspect — not only does PayPal’s boot of Geller come soon after press coverage of her involvement in the NYC “Leaving Islam?” bus ads but two other websites she has ties to, FDI and SIOA – Stop Islamicization of America received similar letters from PayPal.

Add to this YouTube’s yanking of the We Con the World music parody after 3 million views and MSM coverage and it looks like a coordinated effort by “moderate” jihadists against any criticism of the ideology, Islamism.
It could be a coincidence except for this from Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs:

Anybody know what happened to our Facebook page? It's empty. Blank. I need help on this. Any volunteers to get to the bottom of it?
That many "coincidences" equals a pattern.  There is a word for what is happening here:  censorship.  No one here needs me to tell them that censorship is un-American and inconsistent with not only our values but our First Amendment.  Someone is trying to prevent Pamela Geller from expressing her opinion.  This is no small matter.  This central to our way of life.  Think of it this way-first they came for Atlas Shrugs...

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