Tuesday, June 15, 2010

As the Worm Turns

The "worm" of course, is the ever fluid Charlie Crist.

Once upon a time, Charlie, knowing that Cuban American voters in Florida are conservative and active, not only backed the sanctions in place against Cuba, he strengthened them.  But now that Crist has tossed the Republican party he is also tossing "values" that he claimed to hold dearly as little as two months ago.  With Cuban Americans clearly in Marco Rubio's corner, Crist has decided to side with pro-Castro voters (donors).  Ed  Morrissey at Hot Air on Crist's latest flip flop:

If Crist had no qualms about reversing himself on abortion a week ago, then the Cuba issue won’t keep him awake at night, either. Both involve the basic dignity and sanctity of life, and whether it gets treated as the sacred center from which springs liberty and freedom, or as a commodity that exists at the pleasure of another — in Cuba’s case, the state. Both also represent core values to people on either side of the debate.

For Crist, though, the only core value seems to be Charlie Crist. When he needed the Cuban-Americans, he courted them with paeans to the embargo laws that went even further. When Crist decided he needed to reinvent himself, the issues of Cuba and the embargo were secondary at best to his own ambition. He needs the money from people not already committed to Rubio, and so he’s off to his fundraiser with the very people he opposed on his 2008 bill.
One wonders if Charlie has any principals.  If so, they are readily apparent.

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