Saturday, June 19, 2010

Alan Simpson Explains Social Security

Watching the following video, I am reminded of a conversation that I had with my son just two weeks ago.  We got in to a talk about Social Security and he was arguing that the program is a good thing.  In utter frustration I said to him that when designed the program was set up so that people would pay in to it their entire lives and then die before they ever got a penny out.  I went on to tell him that he needed to get over the myopic idea that massive bureaucracies are set up by people who fart moonbeams.  They are con men and social security, medicare, ObamaCare, you name it, are scams.  The government doesn't create these programs because they care about people.  They are set up because governments care about money, power and creating dependency.  Our Founding Fathers knew that if given absolute power the ruling class, government, would revert to its basest instincts.  That is why they set up a system of checks and balnces-so we could keep them in check. 


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