Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The LEAST Surprising Headline of the Day

The honor goes to Politico for Democrats flirt with backing Charlie Crist.  On the Democrat side of the ballot, the candidates stink.  Kendrick Meek is completely ho hum and he's been tied to a criminal fraud case.  Their other possibility, Jeff Greene, is just plain skeezy.  Yes, I know, for Democrats skeeziness is a feature, not a bug, but still. 

Ed Morrissey posits at Hot Air that the Dems throwing their lot in with Crist doesn't make sense.  Morrissey presents a thorough, logical and convincing argument against a Dem/Crist hookup.  Thing is, and trust me, I am holding my breath as I type this, Morrissey is wrong.

Crist has gone from being a Republican in name only to a Democrat in everything but name.  He has tossed every conservative principal he ever pretended to hold and replaced those principals with the Democratic party platform talking points.  Is he repugnant?  Sure, but when did that ever bother the Democrats?  (See:  Kennedy, Ted; Kennedy, Patrick; Frank, Barney-and so forth and so on ad nauseum) 

The assumption is that Crist and Rubio will split the Republican vote and hand the Senate seat to the Democratic challenger.  But Crist is actively ceding the Republican vote to Rubio, hoping to capture the Indy vote and split the Democrat vote with whomever while keeping the prize for himself. 

My guess is that Democrats would rather that Crist were their candidate.  Their problem is that they can not actively give Meek the heave ho.  It just wouldn't look good.  Greene strikes me as a novelty candidate, at best.  I hate to say it but Crist looks good for the Dems.

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