Monday, February 21, 2011

Headlines that warm the cockles of my heart

Indiana GOP lines up behind Lugar's primary challenger

Talk smack about the Tea Party, get a challenger.  What a shame.  We're "getting real", Senator.

Fugitive Democrat Senators From Wisconsin Could Face Felony Charges

Dereliction of duty and pissin' on the people.  Kick them out, fire the teachers and take the licenses away from the doctors who wrote fake excuses.

SEC busts global warming fraud

Oh, nos.  It can't be.  Al Gore says the sky is falling.  Follow the money.

If This Is Monday, It Must Be Time for Another ‘Death of Blogging’ Story

Okay, for personal reasons I've been on a prolonged break but don't take that as a sign that I am down and out.  How about the rest of you?

"The Left is reacting with all the grace of an alcoholic denied the bottle."

No need to insult alcoholics.

Libya: Gaddafi Regime on the Brink, Uprising Reaches Tripoli — UPDATE: Gaddafi Flees Tripoli, Parliament Set on Fire

Yeah, but is the Lockerbie Bomber still living in the lap of luxury? Fails

Damn shame.  Damn dirty shame.  Too many of us for you?

Heavily Democratic states cut in half since 2008: Gallup

Earlier, in the comments at Legal Insurrection I said, "Hippies never die. We just grow up, get jobs, have families and see the light."  People are seeing the light.  Batten the hatches and buckle your seat belts, Lefties.  It is going to be one bumpy ride.

Sorry, that's it.  I'm bushed.  First I got lost driving in  Tampa today and then I got lost walking in Tampa.  To the nice man who gave me directions while I was walking, sent me ten blocks out of my way and laughed at me when I finally made it to the rally-screw you..


LibertyAtStake said...

I voted "I get most of my news ..."

But, then again, I'm here, aren't I?


"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

Carol said...

I can remember when my family watched the news together and passed section of the newspaper around at the table. Now I have no faith in "the news". I take it all with a grain of salt.

Can you imagine where we would be without blogs? China? The Middle East? Canada?

Quite Rightly said...

Great round-up! All the news I'm ready for today.

Yeah, where is the Lockerbie bomber now, I wonder? Maybe being showered with rose petals. I wonder if we'll ever know.

Carol said...

We'll never know the whole truth about the Lockerbie Bomber. Our allies traded blood for oil and Obama looked the other way.