Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome to the Tampa Tax Day Tea Party!

Here in Tampa Tea Party members and 912 members gathered from throughout the entire Tampa Bay region to celebrate a very hot but fun day at Raymond James Stadium.  Keynote speaker Sen. Marco Rubio was joined by Ralph Reed (Faith and Freedom Coalition), Apryl Marie Fogel (Americans for Prosperity), Michael Pinson (Americans for Freedom), Ed Braddy (American Dream Coalition), Amy Kremmer (Tea Party Express) and Dr. David McKalip (Neurosergeon and Health Care activist). 

We also managed to score a couple of counter-protesters-a charming lady in a NARAL tee shirt and a man with a bullhorn wearing a white doctor's coat.  I assume he was representing abortion doctors since he was with the pro death chic.  Her sign reads, "TEABGGERS CORPORATE TOOLS and too dumb to realize it."  Glad she decided to keep it classy.

While all the speakers did a wonderful job it was Marco that everyone was waiting to see and he did not disappoint.  The video is not as clear as I would have liked and on several occasions Marco is obscured by a flag.  There was no way I was going to ask a man who had proudly held up an American flag for hours in 90 degree weather to move so I just made do.  In any case, it is Rubio's words we came to hear and he gave one very rousing speech.  And now, I am taking my very tired, very sunburnt self to bed.

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sybilll said...

Keep this in your archives, so you can look back fondly on Marco's rise to the Presidency. Great job, and thanks for sharing Carol.

AmPowerBlog said...

Linked: 'Mission Viejo and Oceanside Tax Day Tea Parties!'.

Jaded said...

I suspect you will be able to show that video years from now when Marco Rubio is the President of the United States of America :) God I wish he was our candidate this go round!

Sissy Willis said...

A lovely post. You say it all. Class will out! :)

Anonymous said...

Look, Ma!!
No Teleprompter!!

Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio is not constitutionally qualified, just like the current usurper sitting in the whitehouse (although I love Rubio)

"natural born Citizen" in Article II means born on US soil with 2 citizen parents

Nancy Pelosi needs to be led to prison for signing his elligibility

Francesca said...

No. Natural born citizen means being born to two American citizens.

starznbarz said...

We have posted photo`s from this event at our site -

Anonymous said...

Violence??? That is how we will get it done?
George Bush plundered through our cash, took us into war (did he look in the mirror for the WMD?), and put us on a roller coaster ride to poverty by bailing out every big business that pillaged the people to line their own pockets.
The biggest problem I have with this president and legislature is that they allow huge corporations to continue making enormous profits and paying little to no tax. If every corporation paid what it should, and every super-rich American paid what he/she should, we would have surplus and NOT deficit.
Teabaggers are not pushing for this to happen. You all whine about what the democrats have done - look at what they started with....ruins of an economy left by the republican president of 8 way-to-long-years

paeos said...

Well there are teabaggers with a brain and accurate knowledge of history as is evidenced by the previous comment of Anonymous. The rest of you should take a lesson from him and stop drinking the koolaid while being herded like sheeple by your corporate overlords into voting against your own best interests. Rubio for president ... with Palin as vp? What a ticket to catastrophe. Do you realize that a mere 30+% of Floridians voted for this guy? He is just like Obama all show and no go! Oh and the woman wearing the NARAL shirt, it hardly makes her an "abortionist" you people even know what NARAL is? Didn't think so, your only interested in a baby from conception to birth then the hell with it.

Anonymous said...

Baggers are the ultimate corporatist tools . . Ignorant and gullible . . also irrelevant . .

livermoron said...

Still the same old crapola about GWB. No mention of Congress overwhelmingly authorizing the use of force based on the same intelligence he had.

Also, GWB bailed out his corporate cronies? How did he get that past the Democrats who controlled both houses of Congress?

Isn't it true that the bail-out money provided by Congress while GWB was President has actually been paid back, including interest?

How's that GM investment working out?

Anonymous said...

It looks like literally dozens of people showed up too!

Anonymous said...

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