Friday, April 8, 2011

What if they shut down the government and nobody noticed?

Jesse Jackson compares it to the Civil War and Rep. Louise (she had to wear her dead sister’s teeth to the funeral) Slaughter (D-A galaxy far, far away) says that Republicans are trying to kill women. All I can say is that bloviators were born to blow.

Let’s put all this nonsense into perspective. The Dems declined to pass a budget when the ball was in their court. We’ve been running on patched tires ever since. Speaker Boehner has offered a bill to insure that our troops are paid in the event of a shutdown and the troop’s Commander in Chief has said that he will veto the bill if it hits his desk. Apparently Planned Parenthood falls under the category of “essential services”, our troops, not so much.

I have a theory on why Obama seems so keen to avoid a shutdown. Maybe he’s worried that the government will shut down and nobody will notice. Well yeah, the poor senators who are forced to push their own elevator buttons will notice but so what? A comment spied over at Hit & Run pretty much sums it up:
But the Dept. of Agriculture would shut down. Crops couldn’t grow, cows, goats, and chickens would stop producing, meat would turn to ash and fish would turn to salt.

Without the DOA’s regulations, farmers would plant their tools and thresh their livestock. Food-hauling trucks will drive into the sea, and sheep will start producing steel wool.
It’s a joke. Not the comment, the government. SHUT. HER. DOWN.


DeanO said...

This is an amazing event. I've been so busy but every chance I get I turn on the news to catch a bit of the rhetoric going back and forth. Washington - does anyone up there have a clue? Our soldiers - give them our best. Planned parenthood; well - you pretty much know where I stand!

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