Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Charlie goes smarmy UPDATED

Crashing in the polls, Charlie Crist has resorted to the politics of smarm.  My thoughts on Charlie's latest bellycrawl from a post I wrote at Potluck:

Charlie Crist is acting like a teenage girl who found out that the captain of the football team just isn’t that in to him. We expect little girls to act petulant when they don’t get their way, but is that really the image that Crist wants to project?

Just because Crist is losing is no excuse for him to act like a loser. At the risk of asking too much, Crist needs to man up and stop embarrassing himself and Florida.
Other than titillating his buddies on the Left I can't imagine what Charlie thinks he is going to accomplish by attacking Marco Rubio's masculinity.  Charlie just needs to take his tiara and go home.


From Dan Riehl:

NRSC Betrayal: 8 Planned Fundraisers For Crist, None For Rubio?

Did Cornyn in effect come out and lie to the base yesterday when he said they weren't putting any more money into the race for Charlie Back Wax Crist?
If Crist needs money for his failing Senate run tell him to look in his purse.

Read the rest of Dan's post.

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