Thursday, October 21, 2010

Have mercy

I ask this as a former Kentuckian, UK alumni and lover of all things Commonwealth-is Mitch McConnell the biggest wuss ever?  Since when do we wave a white flag before the battle?

Obama, McConnell Call For Humility After The Election

…Anticipating a gain of Republican seats in the Senate, McConnell said: "One of the things we will have to remind newcomers and those who have supported them is that even though we will have a larger Republican Conference, we do not control the government and cannot control the government when the president holds the veto pen." Oddly echoing Obama, he went on to say: "We need to have a humble, grateful response about this election." He even added: "Incidentally, there is no polling data that suggests [the voters] love us."
Gee, is McConnell trying to tell us right up front that we shouldn’t expect anything other than business as usual after the election? I don’t suppose that it would occur to McConnell that the reason there is no polling data that suggests that voters love the Republicans in Congress is precisely because of pantywaist attitudes like his. We are sick to death of wilted little pansies that would rather hold hands and sign Kumbaya than lead.

On Nov. 2nd we will be sending a new batch of Republicans to Washington. They’ve got one chance to “git ‘er done”. We are looking for a leader and if McConnell doesn’t have the stomach for it he needs to take a seat and pass the mantle on to someone who does. Otherwise, we won’t put the brakes on ObamaCare, Cap & Trade and explosive government growth and encroachment.

Nice boys finish last and Conservatives are fed up with last place. Obama’s policies are deeply unpopular so make him use that veto pen and see how it works out for him. Republicans in Congress won’t offend the base by standing up for Conservative values but they sure will if they wimp out yet again.


peggy38 said...

You are absolutely right. The Republicans need to understand that they are not being elected because we like them so much, but because they are the only alternative and that their victory is just a step in the overall plan to reform our government.

By God, they will get the same righteous hell that the Dems are getting now, maybe even worse, if they go back to business as usual.

Dangerous Dan said...

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