Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Plans changed-again

After nearly a week of "computer issues" I came back up yesterday.  I can't tell you how anxious I've been to get back in the saddle and what better way than by attending and blogging on tonight's townhall being hosted by Col. Mike Prendergast, candidate for the US House here in Florida's District 11?  I am proud to be a supporter of Col. Prendergast who unlike our current representatvie, Kathy Caster, spends his time listenning to the concerns of the taxpayers in the district, not the special interests.  So, on the one hand we have a man who dedicated thirty-one years of his life to serving his country, retiring in 2009 as  U.S. Central Command’s Provost Marshal and on the other, we have Kathy Castor who has served herself as the ninth most liberal member of the House.  Is it any wonder that Cator has been hiding from the voters?

But I didn't get out of work on time and instead of sitting at the townhall I am sitting on my porch.  Grrrrr!  In any case, Prendergast has several meetings scheduled and I will be able to attend at least one, if not two, next week.   That does not mean that I have nothing to report tonight:

 Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush Endorses Mike Prendergast, Republican Nominee for FL-11

Tampa, FL – Earlier today, Governor Jeb Bush committed his support to the Republican efforts in Florida’s 11th district. He announced his endorsement for Colonel Mike Prendergast, a 31 year combat veteran of the United States Army. Bush became the most recent in a series of key endorsements.

“This endorsement hits home for me. As a Tampa native, I have always had the utmost respect for Governor Bush,” Prendergast said. “He is sending a clear sign to voters about the enormous importance of this election not just for Tampa and St. Pete, but for our nation.”

Bush will help Prendergast unseat Rep. Kathy Castor. Castor, currently in her second term, was recently reported as the ninth most liberal member of the House.

“There is an unprecedented extremism in Washington,” Bush said. “Congressmen and women must be free thinking, accountable leaders. Representatives need to answer to their hometowns and not to their party’s leadership. I know Mike is ready to serve Tampa Bay. His career as a soldier has proven he will be an effective statesman.”
As they say, today is a good day. 

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