Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crist Provides Balance? What, Between the Left and the Far Left?

Pat reports the lamest quote of the day:

Lamest quote of the day? That would be from Brian Walsh, NRSC
communications director. When asked about the Jeb Bush endorsement of Marco
Rubio in the Florida Senate race and Jeb's criticism of the early NRSC coming
out for Crist, Walsh said, "the NRSC believes Governor Crist is the best
candidate to maintain the checks and balances needed in the Senate."

As a certain someone would say, "Snort worthy." But, back to Pat:

Larry Thornberry at American Spectator responds this way:

It's truly hard to see how a politician like Crist, who has supported
Obama's stimulus package, who's enthusiastic about cap and trade and other
costly enviro-disasters, and who's as silent as the tomb about conservative
social issues, could in any way be a check on the Obama socialist agenda. He's
more of an enabler. This is probably why a friend of Rubio's told me he had come
up with a great slogan for Crist's campaign: "Send Charlie to Washington --
he'll fit right in."

Apparently the NRSC believes that if Crist wins the primary, he won't, they can roll him out in the general election under the banner:

"At least he's not as far Left as Kendrick Meek"

Actually, once upon a time that would have worked. We might have grumbled and we might have held our nose but we voted for the guy with the (R) even if he wasn't 'our guy.' And when we finally had the presidency and both chambers what did our fealty earn us? Scorn. Our party used the opportunity to self deal and self promote. Does the NRSC think we forgot? If anyone did, the NRSC endorsement of Crist reminded them.

Little something the NRSC can take to he bank-we won't be fooled again.

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