Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Have More Military Experience Than Obama and Biden

It's true. No, I've never served in the military but I was an Air Force dependent and as such, I did spend fifteen months in Turkey. So what? Being a former dependent certainly doesn't make me an expert on military operations but apparently, unlike the President and Vice President, I know that I don't know better than a General.

Being a leader means making difficult decisions. While no one can be an expert at all things, a good leader surrounds himself with experts and then makes decisions based on the expert's advice. Gen. McChrystal is the President's expert in Afghanistan. Obama put him in that position. Yet, when Gen. McChrystal tells the President that we need more troops on the ground, does Obama take his advice? Who knows? The only thing we know is that while Obama is dragging his feet, our men our being killed.

Another Black Conservative quotes Sarah Palin:

For two years as a candidate, Senator Obama called for more resources for
the war in Afghanistan and warned about the consequences of failure. As
President, he announced a comprehensive new counterinsurgency strategy and
handpicked the right general to execute it. Now General McChrystal is asking for
additional troops to implement the strategy announced by President Obama in
March. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have sons, daughters, fathers,
mothers, sisters and brothers in harm's way in Afghanistan right now. We owe it
to all those brave Americans serving in uniform to give them the tools they need
to complete their mission.

Now that candidate Obama is President Obama he seems to be walking back his commitment to Afghanistan. He serves the far Left, not the country as a whole, and the Left want us out of Afghanistan. Obama, who believes that he can solve all ills by scraping and bowing, wants us out of Afghanistan. If Obama isn't going to fight this war to win and he isn't going to give our soldiers the support they need to stay alive, I want us out of Afghanistan.

Gen. McChrystal isn't saying that all is lost. He is saying that this war is winnable but there are steps that must be taken if we are to win. But he cannot do one thing until the President gets off the pot and makes a decision. No matter what he decides not everyone will agree. Every day that he stalls while Vice Pres. "Grima" Biden whispers bad advice in his ear brings us a day closer to defeat. This country needs a leader and sooner rather than later.

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