Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Liberal Trivialization

I came across Matt Taibbi's post Michael Moore's Problems Our Fault at Memeorandum. I have never read Taibbi before so I'm not quite sure what to make of this:

But we’re living in a time of extreme crisis almost nothing on TV or in the
movies is designed to get us thinking about how to fix our problems. If
anything, most of the stuff on TV is designed to jack up our anxiety level
without offering any solutions except the short-term fixes of buying and eating
— witness the endless reality shows in which ordinary people slave away and
scheme against each other for weeks on end for a 1 in 12 shot at a (pick one)
modeling job/date with a non-deformed, non serial-killing person/chance to be
shouted at by Donald Trump.

Now that stuff is cynical and monstrous. It is my sincere hope that the people who are producing these programs will someday be tried and
executed by war crimes tribunals at the Hague.

The italics are mine. Is he serious? I've read the entire post, twice, thought about it, and then read it again. Honestly, Taibbi seems sincere. So, when he wrote that people who produce realty shows should be tried and executed he was just being dramatic, right? It is one of those Nazi comparasons that Libs like to drag though the Nazi's bear no relationship to the actual situation. Otherwise, Matt is one sick bastard.

I going to assume the producers of America's Got Talent won't be finding themselves in front of a tribunal anytime soon and I doubt Matt means for them to. I don't watch reality TV so I am in no position to judge but I am guessing that bad TV, even really bad TV, doesn't rise to the level of war crime. Not even in jest. Not to make a point.

If Taibbi had a point he blew it with one line. Shame, because even though I disagree with him, prior to that line I took him serious.

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