Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Obama's Latest Award: Thinnest Skinned President Ever

From Cynthia Yockey:

Obama has finally found a war he is determined to win and a foe for whom he has
preconditions before he will negotiate — Fox News

You know how Gov. Sarah Palin keeps pointing out that Obama is allergic to the words “victory” and “win” when it comes to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Or any conflict where democracy and capitalism are threatened? And you remember how Obama has declared he will negotiate with terrorist and totalitarian regimes without pre-conditions? But he would not talk to anyone on Fox News when he spoke to every other Sunday news show to push Obamacare? Not even with

Cynthia couldn’t be more spot on. Obama certainly gives the impression that he is more concerned about Fox News than he is all the actual threats to our country combined. That our president is so thin skinned that he has to avoid anyone who doesn’t slather him with praise makes him appear small and unserious.

A more confident man would welcome the opportunity to present his policies in an open forum. Not only will Obama not deal with anyone who doesn’t experience leg tingles at the mention of his name, he mistakenly believes that belittling Fox News for the entertainment of his base is somehow “presidential.” Actually, it is silly.

Those who allowed Obama to rise to the level of President of the United States without ever experiencing any serious challenge or criticism did him no favor. Fox News, unlike their ’competitors’ are simply doing their job. Obama would do well to learn how to deal with it.

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