Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is The Left Trying To Incite Voilence?

I had hit enter on my previous post in which I wrote, "They are nuts and maybe, if we ignore them they will just go away.", and went back to tripping around the Net when I came across WHY JANEANE GAROFALO’S COMMENTS ARE DANGEROUS. at Instapundit. Reading JammieWearingFool's post, I've rethought my "ignore them" position:

Garofalo may be trying to shut up the people opposed to the massive
government takeover that is being attempted in this country by shaming the
people speaking out, but playing the race card has all but lost any sort of
power it may have had from being overused. Instead, her comments will be used by
those on the other side to justify any actions they take against the racists
they see in their midst, and then will Garofalo step up and accept
responsibility for stoking the flames? The left is very quick to blame every
unsolved homicide in this country on right wing radio or Fox News, but what will
happen if the actions start happening to the very people she is working so hard
to demonize? She is after all giving them an excuse to attack citizens who
attend a tea party,
but I am not so sure the Garofalo defense will go too
far in a court of law.

The emphasis in the above paragraph is mine and I couldn't agree with the post more. By labeling people who disagree with the President's agenda as "racists" Garofalo and others are saying that they are legitimate targets. Essentially, Garofolo is saying, look these are the people who have kept you down and now that you have a chance, they are still trying to keep you down. What are you going to do about it?

Is she stoking hate on purpose or is she just another thoughtless celebrity who is in love with the sound of her own voice? Does it matter? The danger doesn't lie in her intent but in the result of her words. Garofalo, and those like her, are too dangerous to ignore.

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