Sunday, October 11, 2009

Michael Moore Wants the President to Get Busy

Via Memeorandum:

Michael Moore thinks that with a Nobel Peace Prize under his belt, the President should get in gear and earn it. Of course, by getting in gear he means get the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Well, wasn’t that the Nobel committee’s point?

Obama knows full well that if he were to do everything the Left (and the boys in Norway) wants, that he, not they, would be held responsible for the results. No doubt that Obama’s personal positions are far more aligned with the Left than the people he serves but his oversize ego trumps all. Obama will be spending the next several weeks trying to decide the best way to play both sides against the middle so that he comes out in the best possible light. Unfortunately, while Obama dithers Afghanistan burns.

Peggy Noonan, writing in The Wall Street Journal recognizes the idiocy of the awarding the prize to Obama but thinks he can still “redeem” himself:

Assuming the White House did nothing to encourage or lobby for the award, it is
not Barack Obama's fault that he has been embarrassed by this honor. And it may
possibly hold for him an unanticipated benefit. It may give him pause: Look what
idiots my biggest international supporters are. I may have to rethink a few

How to redeem this? That is a hard question, but here is
one idea. The president will deliver a big speech in Oslo Dec. 10: white tie and
tails, a formal, bound statement. The world, as they say, will be watching. He
should deflect the limelight. (Can he?) He should make his subject bigger than
himself. (Is there a subject bigger than himself?) He has been accused of
traveling through the world on an extended apology tour. That isn't fair, but
the tag is there. How about an unapologetic address, a speech, with the world's
elites leaning forward and listening, about the meaning of America? A speech
that shows a grounded and sophisticated love for his country and its great
traditions and history. Not a nationalistic speech, not a prideful one, but a
loving one.

I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The Nobel was awarded with the hopes of changing American policy. It is a test for a young and inexperienced President. Will he pass it?

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