Sunday, October 10, 2010

Glass houses and all that jazz

The Obama Administration is shocked, SHOCKED, that foreign money might be filtering in to the American campaign coffers. They are appalled, disgusted, distraught and overwrought. Seriously:

“Just this week, we learned that one of the largest groups paying for these ads regularly takes in money from foreign corporations,” Mr. Obama said. “So groups that receive foreign money are spending huge sums to influence American elections.”
Mr. Obama is referring to the US Chamber of Commerce and ads they have run. The issue appears to be the Chamber’s stubborn refusal to recognize and bow to Lord Obama’s greatness. But is Obama really in the best person to be making false accusations of illegal foreign contributions? Let’s examine the record.

Pajamas Media:

Has the Obama campaign made a regular practice of accepting illegal foreign campaign contributions, as the research of Kenneth Timmerman suggests?

Well, if one is to judge by an article published last month by the Italian columnist Maria Laura Rodotà, in certain European circles such contributions would appear to be an open secret. Moreover, Rodotà’s account of being inundated by emails from the Obama campaign suggests that the campaign may not only have been accepting illegal foreign campaign contributions, but that it may have been soliciting them. Here is what Maria Laura Rodotà writes in her October 2 column in the major Italian daily Corriere della Sera [Italian link]:

Oh God. It’s my fault. And your fault. And also the fault of that friend of yours who gave her email to the Obama campaign. They have been writing us for a year, the Obama people — several times a day. They’ve sent us videos of Barack, they’ve responded to criticisms, they’ve laid down the party line, they’ve sold gadgets. They’ve invited us to interesting events like “Camp Obama” in California. … At the foot of each email, they’d ask for small contributions, even just five dollars — which won’t even get you breakfast here in downtown Milan. We never gave a cent. The cheapskates said, “You can’t do that,” they’d be foreign contributions; others sent donations from fake American addresses. Real or fake, live or online, you felt part of a community of like-minded persons, all normal and liberal.
By following the link above we find that Kenneth Timmerman’s research shows that the Obama campaign accepted upwards of $63 million dollars in foreign contributions. Not exactly an “oopsie”, particularly considering that the campaign appears to have solicited those contributions.

Once again, Barack Obama is being a stickler for the rules he refuses to follow himself. Worse, he is tarring the Chamber despite a complete lack of evidence purely out of spite. Can anyone imagine President Bush behaving in such a cheap and hypercritical manner?

Just another day in the life under our new thug Overlords.

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