Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yesterday and Today

Well, where to start?  The stars finally came together yesterday so that I could hear Mike Prendergast speak.  I was so excited I screwed up the time and got there over an hour early.  Not a problem because I bought a brand new camcorder so I had plenty of time to get a seat, setup and do a quickie test run. 

It was very interesting listening to Mike speak and I got some great video.  I would love to show you except the nice young man at the store that won't be named who sold me the nifty new camcorder never mentioned something called "formatting the card".  So after trying most of last night to upload my video I went back to the store and found out about "formatting".  Those of you who don't suffer from massive tech stupidity like I are probably aware that when you format a card anything that was on the card gets wiped out.  Came as news to me.  Anyway,  my once in a life time super great video of Mike Prendergrast is kinda like the fish that got away-long gone.

So, next week, on the 20th, I will makeit a priority to attend Mike's townhall and I will get even better video.  In any case, I am glad I went last night.  I have been incredibly impressed with Mike from day.  How many people do you know that give thirty-one years of service to their country and rather than enjoying a much deserved retirement say, "I am ready to give more."? 

When asked last night why him, Mike responded that when he sees a mess he cleans it up.  Right now our country is a mess and it is time to start the cleanup effort.  Democrats see a mess and their solution is to throw more trash on the heap.  Before long, even China won't have a big enough shovel to dig us out and why would we, the world's super power, rely on China or anyone else for our salvation?  We haven't lost our greatness, we just need to pull it out of the closet, dust it off and get to work.

That was yesterday.  On to today!

Yes, that is Gov. Bobby Jindal standing next to Marco Rubio.  And about five minutes into the Governor's speech the room started spinning.  I haven't felt like that since my dorm room days.  In any case, I made it out without embarrassing myself too badly and once I got some air I was okay.  But that is the total of my once in a lifetime chance to hear Bobby Jindal speak in person.

Tomorrow is a new day so onward and upward. 

P.S.  Did I mention that Mike Prendergast is a really great guy?  Give him a donation.  The alternative is re-electing the ninth most member of the House.  None of us wants that!

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