Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Huckabee Endorses Mike Prendergast

Huckabee Releases Statement about Prendergast's Bid in Florida

Little Rock, AR - Governor Mike Huckabee issued the following statement about Mike Prendergast.

"Huck PAC and I are pleased to support Mike Prendergast for Congress, Florida's 11th Congressional District. A native of Tampa and with more than three decades of service in the United States Army, Mike Prendergast has unique life experiences that'll help make him a great congressman.

Recognizing that our tax system is in desperate need of change, Mike will fight for a simpler and fairer tax system. Mike understands that our economy is the most important challenge facing America today, and in order to create jobs we need to eliminate the excessive government regulations and overly burdensome taxes levied on all Americans.

We need more warriors in Congress who will fight for the American taxpayer and not waste our hard earned dollars, and Mike Prendergast is just that man. Please join me in supporting Mike Prendergast, and let's send him to Congress."
The picture above is of Mike Prendergast speaking from the deck of the American Victory last night at a rally for supporters.  In addition to Huckabee's endorsement Prendergast has also been endorsed by Jeb Bush, Newt Gingrich and Combat Vets for Congress.  In endorsing Prendergast the Combat Vets for Congress wrote:
The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC is endorsing the 25th Combat Veteran For Congress in 17 states; he is a fiscally conservative candidate who will work to rein in the out of control spending by the Pelosi Congress.  Col. Mike Prendergast, USA (Ret) (R-FL-11) http://www.pickprendergast.com/ of Tampa, Florida served in the US Army for 31 years and is running for election for Congress in the 11th Congressional District of Florida.  He is running against two term Congresswoman Kathy Castor, ranked the 9th most liberal member of Congress based on her voting record, and handpicked by Pelosi to serve on several committees, and has voted in lock step with Pelosi 98% of the time, often against the interests of her constituents; she voted "yes" for the flawed health care bill.  Mike was born in 1956 and raised in Tampa, Florida.   He graduated from Clearwater Central Catholic high school in 1975.  Col Prendergast earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with Special Honors and a dual major in Political Science and Sociology from Jacksonville State University in 1986; a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Psychology from the University of the State of New York in 1986; a Bachelor of Social Science degree from Campbell University in 1995; a Master of Arts degree with a major in International Relations and a Certificate in African Studies from the University of Florida in 1990; a Master of Public Administration degree with a concentration in Public Management from Troy State University in 1997; and a Master of Strategic Studies degree from the U.S. Army War College with a major in Public Diplomacy and a concentration in Campaign and Strategic Crisis Planning in 2003.
So here in FL-11 we have a choice between Mike Prendergast, a man who spent thirty-one years of his life in service to his country with a proven record of accomplishment and leadership and Kathy Castor who, a) is the ninth most liberal member of the House and b) voted with Nancy Pelosi 98 percent of the time and c) has no other accomplishments to speak of.  Castor has refused to debate Prendergast and who can blame her?  If she came out of hiding long enough to debate she would have to defend her vote for the Stimulus and ObamaCare and explain her support for Cap & Trade. 

Support Mike Prendergast!

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