Friday, October 15, 2010

A question that begs a question

Ezra Klein asks, "Do the polls back up the attacks on the Chamber of Commerce?" and concludes that the answer is "no".  Close but no cigar.  The correct response is "Why the Hell should poll results matter?".

Klein, disagreeing with Greg Plum, concludes that the attacks on the Chamber should end because polls show that the attacks aren't working.  That the public isn't buying Obama's false attacks is laudable but not unexpected.  Obama has an annoying habit of giving the public, us, far less credit than we deserve.  Remember, this is the guy that believes that we just aren't smart enough to "get" ObamaCare.  But whether the the attack is playing in Punxsutawney or not is beside the point.

The president and his minions should stop the attacks on the Chamber because they are wrong.  The attacks are being made up out of thin air.  What was it Axlerod said?  "Can you prove that the Chamber isn't using foreign money for its ads?"  Cheap.  Cheap and beneath the dignity of an employee of the United States government.  That alone is reason enough for the administration to drop the attack. 

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