Friday, October 15, 2010

In tonight's debate Charlie combines scary with slimy

In a three way debate between Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek, Charlie Crist showed that he is either dangerous or scary stupid.  From TBO:

Much of the debate focused on Social Security, an issue coming to dominate the closing days of the campaign.

Rubio says the nation must consider taking steps to bolster the program's financial stability – possibly raising the retirement age or cutting benefits for future retirees.

Meek advocates no changes, saying Congress should wait for a completion of a task force study, and Crist says that if the nation implements an earned citizenship program for illegal immigrants, their payroll taxes could restore the program's fiscal solvency.
So, Crist thinks that we should institute an amnesty program, "earned citizenship program" to shore up Social Security.  Maybe someone should point out to Charlie how well unchecked immigration has worked in Europe.  But hey, let's not let facts muddy up the picture.  Crist was at his slimy, pandering best with this little jewel:

Rubio also reacted when Crist, quoting Tampa's La Gaceta newspaper, accused Rubio of "essentially blind ambition – that you turned your back on your Hispanic family … as it relates to the DREAM Act, as it relates to immigration reform."

Rubio opposes earned citizenship for illegal immigrants, and DREAM Act, which would allow citizenship for those who attend college or serve in the military.
"Shameless"  isn't a strong enough word to describe Charlie Crist.  To insinuate  that Rubio is "turning his back on his Hispanic family" because he believes that the country has the right and duty to protect its borders is beneath contempt but all to typical among the practitioners of identity politics.  To them, blacks, browns, women, gays, etc., are each just members of beholden groups who must always think, act and vote as they are told.  Disgusting.

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