Sunday, November 22, 2009

Andrew Sullivan: Jew Hater?

Stacy McCain weighs in on the accusation that Andrew Sullivan is a Jew hater:

I certainly don't think so, and consider it terribly unfortunate that Sullivan has exposed himself to this damaging accusation through his reflexive enthusiasm for all things Obama -- just as he once was denounced as a "neocon" because of his reflexive enthusiasm for all things Bush.

Sullivan got over his unrequited Dubya man-crush, and maybe his current see-no-evil attitude toward Israel's enemies will fade if Sullivan discovers that his new presidential idol also has feet of clay. So while I have called Sullivan a menace to society and advocated his deportation, he's probably not a Holocaust denier or a peddler of blood libel.

My friend Dan Riehl called attention to this accusation against Sullivan, by way of firing a shot at Conor Friedersdorf. I've fired my share of shots at Conor, but I certainly would never accuse him of Jew-hating. The extremely toxic nature of the "anti-Semite" label is such that I am extremely hesitant to apply it.
I've got to tell you, I think Sullivan is just plain nuts. Really, this whole obsession that Sully has with Palin's uterus has driven him off a very short cliff. Beyond that he is just a very nasty little man. And to be honest, I prefer crazy people to be way less predictable. Sullivan is a bandwagon jumper and the Left certainly has it in for Israel and all things Jewish so I would rule out that he has decided that the anti-Semite crowd are his new best friends. It is nothing personal with Sully, he is just desperate to be thought of as an intellectual (in that narrow Lefty sense). Which of course is just further proof of Sully's craziness.

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