Friday, November 27, 2009

Obama Has Been Handed a Gift

President Obama has been handed a powerful gift in the form of Climategate. This is his opportunity to show true world leadership.

Now that we know that Great Britain’s CRU was not alone in making climate mischief, Obama should go to Copenhagen and announce that in light of the fact that false and faulty information has been the basis of the global warming scaremongering, now is not the time to rush in to risky carbon emission schemes that could further weaken an already damaged global economy and send unemployment even higher.

Obama should encourage the conference attendees to continue to explore alternative energy sources and remind them that protecting the environment does not live or die with climate change. Obama would come off appearing thoughtful and responsible. He would allow other world leaders a graceful way off the climate change Titanic and throw a bone to environmentalists with an alternative energy spiel.

Granted, I don’t expect him to do it, but presidential legacy wise, he is better off if he is seen as leading the charge away from the sham science rather than towards it.


SwampWoman said...

Heh. I expect that will happen when he fires all of the tax cheats and radical leftists in his cabinet and actually hire people that know how to make decisions for the good of the country.

In other words, nah, not gonna happen.

Paco said...

"President Obama has been handed a powerful gift..."

I think I saw him down at the store trying to return it.