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In 2006 Sen. Obama Backed Trying KSM in the Military Court

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In 2006, Sen. Barack Obama defended KSM being tried before a military tribunal. He makes it clear that as an enemy combatant, a military trial is the right and proper way to go. So what has changed? Now that he is President Obama, he has a base to satisfy. His base, the farthest of the far left, are not happy with Obama on several counts so he’s going to throw them a bone, jeopardizing the security of the United States, by putting George Bush on trial. Sure, KSM will be the defendant, but make no mistake, this is a show trial highlighting the policies of the Bush administration.

I am not a lawyer but I am assuming that in a civilian trial Miranda will come in to play. Was KSM given his Miranda rights? No. How will that affect the statements he made? Will they be admissible? No search warrants were executed. Will the property seized, and the evidence gathered be admissible?

I believe that the government will get a conviction. An acquittal would carry too high of a political cost and Obama is all about Obama. But every step of the way, the focus will be on the Bush Administration and giving the Left something to chew on.

Not everything should be political. As President of the United States, Obama should put the country’s security first. The 9/11 Families for America are gathering signatures on a petition to tell the President that he needs to stand by his remarks of 2006 and try KSM before a Military Tribunal. Show your outrage by signing the petition.

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Pat at And so it goes in Shreveport writes:

Bloomberg is concerned, and rightly so, with the security issue. While it's true that New York has been increasing their terrorist detection threats over the past eight years, why on earth should the citizens of New York have to deal with such a threat at all? Haven't they been through enough? The city was outraged at the insensitivity of the Air Force One flyover for a photo op in April of this year. What in the world will come out of Pandora's box with KSM in town?

With regard to the issue of classified information, KSM will certainly request and be entitled to receive documents and information about the government's case against him. He and his attorneys will have access to hundreds of classified documents which will be a bonanza to the jihadists waiting in the wings. To assume that the information won't get leaked or transmitted is naive.

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