Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama Fading Fast

L.A. streetwear company Freshjive has put out a new tee shirt called Hope is Fading Fast, a takeoff of the "Hope" poster by Shepard Fairey.
Apparently, Freshjive founder Rick Katz doesn't much like anyone and that includes our feckles leader:
Pre-releasing on Black Friday is the t shirt design, “Hope is Fading Fast”. This is actually the first item releasing without the Freshjive brand name on it. Read the recent post on the World’s Got Problems blog regarding how the Obama administration is maintaining continuity with its disgraced predecessor.
Actually, those on the right have seen way more clever posters, signs, and t-shirts all year -- at the tea parties and town halls. This one's cute, but not so orginal as to knock anybody's socks off.
It is important on the left, but also inaccurate. The reaction on the hard left is not conflicted. Radical blogs like Firedoglake have been hammering the "corporate" Democrats for some time now. (Frankly, Jane Hamsher's a commie tin-pot dictator-in-waiting.) And Josh Marshall's pissed that the party can't overcome GOP parliamentary procedures slowing down the ObamaCare monstrosity. Folks like this want radical change, "structual change," in response to the perceived "political polarization" that's causing a breakdown of "informal rules." Ezra Klein's also called for an end to the filibuster, and Scottie Lemieux also repudiates long-standing congressional rules protecting minority rights in favor of giving Dems power to ram down their unpopular policies -- and thus implement tyranny of the majority (isn't that just what radical leftists really want?).
What's good about this is that, yeah, for all of his own radical proposals, on some issues President Obama is trying to hold onto the political center (look at his Afghanistan decision to back McChrystal's troop surge), lest his "fading hope" turns out to be a political avalanche of dissatisfaction among moderates. So, as the radicals pull Obama leftward, back over to his own communist ideological inclinations, we'll seen even more of a rightward acceleration among independent moderates, who're already bailing on "hopenchange," as they say screw that with socialist extemism.
Obama is losing on all fronts because he is a personality, not a leader. He wants the crowds and applause of a campaign, not the day in and day out grind of running a country. As a result he has failed to make any segment of the country happy. It is as if he thought he could sit in the "big office" and radiate and everything would go his way. Reality bites.

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kc said...

It is as if he thought he could sit in the "big office" and radiate and everything would go his way.

Ain't it the truth? Nothing sez "ManChild" like believing this kind of fantasy at this age.