Friday, November 6, 2009

Let's Be Honest About What Happened

The Left has redefined terrorism. For instance, if a person, acting on their deeply held religious beliefs murders an abortion doctor, that is terrorism. On the other hand, if a person, acting on their deeply held religious beliefs murders thirteen soldiers and wounds thirty others, that person is a victim. The common thread in both situations is that it is the Right's fault.

Let see, Maj. Hasan was a victim of harassment. Or maybe he suffered from a case of second hand post-traumatic stress disorder. Whatever the cause, his actions are the result of the failed policies of the Right. Or the far Right. Or whatever comes to the right of the far Right.

The Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, President Obama cautions us not to "jump to conclusions." Why would we do that? Because Hasan had spoken favorably of suicide bombers? Might people unfairly judge him because he espoused radical beliefs?

The Left and the President do no favors by downplaying and mis-characterizing the events of yesterday. Maj. Hasan is a radical Islamist who committed an act of terrorism. To call the act anything else, defies both logic and fact. We will not be able to deal with this incident or prevent future incidents if we don't honestly face what happened. Our first priority should be honoring the victims not protecting their attacker.

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