Sunday, November 15, 2009

Defining "Real American

It is very rare that I see the Glenn Beck Show. I am either at work when the show comes on or driving home from work. But when I read at The Daley Gator that Clifford B. of Another Black Conservative would be at Glenn's Friday the 13th show I knew I would have to watch. I had taken Thursday and Friday off from work to attend the Orlando Tea Party so it was "all systems go."

The show was both enjoyable and informative. I love Charles Payne on "Cashin' In" and "Bears and Bulls" so I was thrilled to see that the show began with him. Prior to the show I had never heard of Lisa Fritsch, a radio talk show host, but I was so impressed by her that after the show I googled her to learn more. All and all, watching the show was a very worthwhile experience.

Today I came across a post at No Sheeples Here titled The Dumb White Guy at Crooks and Liars . Much to my surprise (yeah, why would I still be surprised by anything lefties write anymore) David Neiwert took exception to the show. Sigh. Among Neiwart's tidbits:

Glenn asked the audience why they call themselves African Americans!

Personally, I don't care one way or the other. I don't call myself an Irish American (except on St. Paddy's Day) but I also don't sit around worrying about what other people call themselves. We are all Americans. On the other hand, if I were describing someone to a person who was unfamiliar with the person I was describing, I would be more likely to say, "he's the black guy that sings the Tea Party Anthem" than I would be to say "he's the African American...". I'm not sure why Glenn asked the question but I also don't see a problem with asking either.

When white people say "real Americans" they are excluding black people.

How so? What is Neiwert basing this on-his own prejudices? Does Neiwert think that white people have a pecking order or how exactly does the whole thing work. For instance, are Anglo-saxon Americans more American than Mediterranean Americans who are more American than Asian Americans and so on until we reach African Americans, who we, the real Americans, don't include? I've got news for Mr. Neiwert, it is the Left who labels and pigeon holes everyone. On my side of the fence, if you love this country, you are an American.

Glenn Beck, as well as all white people, are idiots for quoting Martin Luther King.

Dr. King's own words lay waste to that argument. The next time Neiwert reads Dr. King's words I suggest that he take a moment to actual think about the words.

The MSM treats Conservative Blacks (and Conservative Women) like sideshow freaks. I applaud any effort to show that the Conservative movement isn't white, black, brown, or as my uncle would say, "sky blue pink". Sadly, people like Neiwert are too entrenched in their own narrow vision to realize how broad the Conservative Coalition is. His loss.


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kc said...

That's something that chaps my butt, too. Media types - among others - making assumptions of how and what I think and believe based on . . .what, exactly? My skin colour? Are they JOKING?!? They don't know me, they probably don't know anyone LIKE me, and they can't read minds. Broad insulting statements come out of their mouths like pronouncements from G-d...and they show their ignorance and bigotry with every breath.